<h1>Kesrwan:</h1> Remax Experts is a Lebanese real estate agency based in Tripoli. The goal of this agency is to find you real estate for sale or rent in all Lebanese cities and villages. Also, it can help you sell or put your real estate for rent through the website and the social media platforms. <h2><strong>Kesrwan page’s goal : </strong></h2> Choosing a location for your real estate is the first and the most essential step while planning to buy or rent a real estate. Because Remax Experts know many people search for real estate in Kesrwan, which is one of the six districts of Mount Lebanon Governorate. It is in west Lebanon. That’s why, on this page you will find many real estate in Kesrwan only and its villages that you may be interested in. <h3><strong>What kind of real estate will you find on this page ? </strong></h3> On Kesrwan page, you will find many real estate such as offices, apartments, full buildings, houses, bungalows, warehouses and many more categories. Besides, the types of real estate, you can see properties for sale and for rent too. Because not all people have the same ability and financial capability, Remax Experts provide you with both opportunities selling and renting at the same time. <h3><strong>Who can benefit from this page ? </strong></h3> Actually, people who have desires and plans to buy or rent real estate in Kesrwan district must surely visit this page. This page can limit their results and give them accurate opportunities for their request instead of seeing a lot of real estate in different districts. <h4>People who aim to sell or rent their real estate but they don’t know how to find honest and serious clients can easily contact us to post their real estate on our website and social media platforms. By contacting us, you will save a lot of time and effort at the same time.</h4> <strong>How to open this page ? </strong> Visit our website <a href=""></a> . <ul> <li>Click on the white box “go to” and choose “Kesrwan” from the major cities.</li> <li>Enjoy your search process and scroll through all the real estate available on this page.</li> <li>Sort by your results according to price and time from lowest to highest and newest to oldest or the opposite, depending on your needs.</li> </ul>

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Apartment for sale in Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwan

For Sale
$270,000 - Condo / Apartment

الشقة المعروضة للبيع تقع في مكان جيد في منطقة ذوق مصبح, كسروان – جبل لبنان. هذه الشقة تقع بالقرب من الطريق العام في مكان مريح…

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200 sqm 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garagesicon Floor 2
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Challet for rent in Farayya

For Rent
$10,000 - Cottage / Bungalow

Cottage Bungalow For Rent Faraya Kesrwan 110 sqm Bedroom:3 Bathrooms:3 Salon Dining Room Balcony Annually:10,000 usd Winter:6,000 usd (1st of October till the end of…

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110 sqm 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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