<h1>house:</h1> Remax Experts is a real estate agency based in the north of Lebanon especially in Tripoli city. Our agency has created this website in order to save your time. Facilitate your search process and provide you with a huge number of options that might answer your request. Types of real estate seem several because the needs of people are different. That’s why Remax Experts added all the properties, including the “House”. <h2><strong>When do we call real estate a </strong>house?</h2> House is one category of real estate. They addict some people to this type of property because it has a taste of archeology not a normal house. This house property differs from other types by its stone and traditional design. so it needs people that know its importance and value. Because of its old design and the construction method. Which is the ground floor with a terrace. It usually costs more than an apartment. As a result, whenever you see a traditional archeological ground floor, call it a house in the world of real estate. <h3><strong>How can you see the details of each house? </strong></h3> Everyone who wants to own or rent it likes to know everything about it starting from the smallest details arriving to the main ones. As visitors and users of our website, you can easily read the description available below each it which contains the location, price. Number of rooms, area and many other specifications. <h4><strong>Can I reach this page easily? </strong></h4> Of course, yes! Because it’s a type of real estate like the other, you should first open the website, choose “House” from the white box. “Go to” available on the main page and it will directly take you to the specific page of houses. While scrolling through the houses. You can sort them by price from low to high or the opposite and by time from new to old or old to new.

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