<h1>Penthouse:</h1> In fact, types of real estate are very frequent, but they differ by their design, their construction, their goal, their specifications and their prices. Remax Experts' website is the official site for the real estate agency available in Tripoli, Lebanon. On this website you can find many real estate including the <strong>Penthouse, </strong>which is getting famous and desired more nowadays. <h2><strong>Don’t know what a Penthouse is ?</strong></h2> A penthouse is one of the most luxurious types of real estate. Its design is full of luxury and developed features that aren’t available in any other type. They structure the penthouse as the highest floor of an apartment building, and usually it takes place on the third floor. Another meaning of the penthouse is like having an apartment on the roof of a building but with high end appliances, luxury kitchens, breakfast bar and other details. Probably, they constructed by two or more levels and they can also have a terrace, fireplace and an elevator. <h3><strong>How can I find the Penthouse page ? </strong></h3> <ol> <li>Open our website, <a href=""></a> .</li> <li>Click on the button “Go to” available in the white box of the home page.</li> <li>Choose from the page of “Penthouse”.</li> <li>Wait for seconds and it will take you directly to this page.</li> </ol> <strong> </strong> <h4><strong>What is the goal of sort by button ? </strong></h4> Actually, it’s a good question ! This button responds to order your search results in how you like to see. It seems annoying to get all the results when you have some details. Like the price. For example, despite that the penthouses cost a lot of money, in case you need to see the minimum price of a penthouse property, all you have to do is to press on sort by price low to high. But if you want to see the results in the opposite way, you can press on sort by price high to low. The same for the time. There are properties posted for a while and new properties. So it depends on you if you are interested to see the new one you click on time new to old if not you click on time old to new.

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